Tactical Lock Pick Kit


Tactical Lock Pick Kit

You are going to love the Tactical Lock Pick Kit. Besides the fun of saving the day when you can help someone get into whatever they've locked out of, this kit will help you gain access to the more sophisticated devices that are protected with various locks.

This complete professional lock pick set is designed to cover a broad range of lock pick tools that allow EOD Techs access to all doors, cabinets, luggage and anything else that is locked shut during a VIP or built into more sophisticated IED's.

This set includes a mini Door Jim to assist in quickly opening live door latches. For opening luggage and briefcase locks we have added a mini Knife and finally a set of Wafer picks for filing cabinets and other wafer locks.

This set has a diminutive Door Jim to facilitate rapidly unlocking live door catches. For opening suitcases and briefcases locks, we have incorporated a mini Knife and, finally, a collection of Wafer picks for filing cupboards and other wafer locks.

Be sure to swing by EOD Gear Franklin to try out the kit on all of the locks we have.

If you'd like EOD-specific training on lock picking, let us know. You can come to Franklin for the training or we can come to you.