Tactical Rappelling Familiarization and Fundamentals


Tactical Rappelling Familiarization and Fundamentals


The 8 Hour Tactical Rappelling Familiarization and Fundamentals training is designed to give those participating in HRST, Air Insertion or Fast Rope operations the basic information and techniques needed to conduct live operations.

Tactical Rappelling Familiarization and Fundamentals Topics:

  • Safety Procedures and Equipment
  • Rappelling In A Tactical Environment
  • Ascending/Descending Safety
  • Hand and Foot Placement
  • Proper Exiting the Helicopter, Roof and Cliff
  • Operations Requiring Assault Packs and Weapons
  • Braking on Descent
  • Rescue Ascend
  • Proper Landing
  • Emergency Procedures

All attendees will demonstrate proficiency from ground level to slightly elevated prior to proceeding to Tower Operations and repeat these procedures from 2 stages on the tower located within the EOD Gear Training Facility.


Maximum working platform height is 8 Feet allowing most to be able to focus on technique rather than focusing on altitude.

This training provides progressive training in height and technique providing a high level of success prior to rappelling operations.

Custom Dates and Times available.