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THP Bomb Squad Tactical Bomb Tech Kit

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THP Bomb Squad Tactical Bomb Tech Kit


The THP Bomb Squad Tactical Bomb Tech Kit is specifically designed for the Trooper that is responding to EOD/IED calls throughout their state.

The kit includes the following:

  • Tactical Bomb Tech Slim Backpack 
  • Garrett THD Tactical Metal Detector
  • EOD Flashlight-Pen P1920
  • MP600 Det Multitool X 2
  • Micro HAL Kit OD Green
  • EOD Tool Pouch OD
  • Rip Away EOG Pouch OD
  • Straight Forceps X 4
  • 5 Inch Needle Nose Vise Grips
  • 5 Inch Micro Cutters
  • Ceramic Scissors
  • Benchmade 8 Hook Knife
  • Boker Titanium Ceramic Knife
  • TBT Torch
  • Probe Pick Set
  • Spudger
  • EOD Plastic Tweezers Curved
  • HAL Wedge OD
  • HAL Wedge Black
  • Paladin Probe
  • Ceramic Box Cutter
  • 5 Non-Locking Carabiners Black
  • VisiPad 25 Green
  • VisiPad 25 Red
  • 60 Second Epoxy X2
  • 2X3 Mirror
  • Carabiner Hook Knife
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