Titanium Folding Knife


Titanium Folding Knife

This Titanium Folding Knife is unique in that it is a combination Titanium and Ceramic blend called Sintered Titanium Ceramic Alloy and it is very sharp!

  • Sintered Titanium Ceramic Alloy Blade
  • 6AL4V Titanium Handle
  • Frame Lock
  • 2.3 Ounces!
  • 7.1 Inch Total Length
  • 3.9 Inch Closed Length
  • 3.2 Inch Blade Length
  • 0.12 Inch Blade Thickness

PRO NOTE: As a former Navy EOD Tech and owner of EOD Gear, I am very fortunate to see a lot of gear and apply years of experience and insight in determining if we carry gear.  I was very impressed with the presentation upon opening the box.  The knife is well balanced, super light-weight and good looking.  I like Ti tools because they're light weight.  Ounces quickly turn into pounds.  Is it Low Mu?  Probably not going to pass that certification but that's a discussion for another day.

The knife was passed around the shop and handled by myself, Army EOD Tech, USMC Grunt and a SWAT Paramedic.  Everyone liked it and now it's here.

The knife does come with a Lifetime Warranty!


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Titanium Ceramic Folder

I am a long time Chris Reeve and Pat/Wes Crawford knife enthusiast but they do not supply as light and durable an item. The folder is well made and designed and very sharp. Feels comfortable in the hand and disappears from consciousness when worn. It is very encouraging to have found a group that is serious in its quality and design standards and I will support them both through purchases of their product line and spreading the word.
Posted by David Sanchez, 26th Jun 2020