Titanium Folding Knife


Titanium Folding Knife

This Titanium Folding Knife is unique in that it is a combination Titanium and Ceramic blend called Sintered Titanium Ceramic Alloy and it is very sharp!

  • Sintered Titanium Ceramic Alloy Blade
  • 6AL4V Titanium Handle
  • Frame Lock
  • 2.3 Ounces!
  • 7.1 Inch Total Length
  • 3.9 Inch Closed Length
  • 3.2 Inch Blade Length
  • 0.12 Inch Blade Thickness

PRO NOTE: As a former Navy EOD Tech and owner of EOD Gear, I am very fortunate to see a lot of gear and apply years of experience and insight in determining if we carry gear.  I was very impressed with the presentation upon opening the box.  The knife is well balanced, super light-weight and good looking.  I like Ti tools because they're light weight.  Ounces quickly turn into pounds.  Is it Low Mu?  Probably not going to pass that certification but that's a discussion for another day.

The knife was passed around the shop and handled by myself, Army EOD Tech, USMC Grunt and a SWAT Paramedic.  Everyone liked it and now it's here.

The knife does come with a Lifetime Warranty!