US Government Fingerprint Reader


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US Government Fingerprint Reader

The ACCESS 300 Sensor, crafted with an unwavering commitment to unparalleled security standards, has garnered the esteemed FBI PIV Certification for both SPI and USB versions in 2019 and 2020. Its slender size and superior sensor performance enable effortless and reliable one-touch authentication. The fingerprint authentication capability of this model lends itself to a multitude of critical applications, from ensuring fair and efficient delivery of government benefits and services to facilitating transparent and accurate voting procedures. Furthermore, it serves as a robust tool for precise and effective law enforcement. By leveraging fingerprint identification, federal and state authorities can provide fast, user-friendly, and secure means of identity verification for citizens.

Our ACCESS 300 Sensor has been specifically designed to meet highest security standards such as PIV and meets the tough requirements from FBI.

  • Ultra-Slim Access 300 Sensor Size Fingerprint Sensor
  • Superior Sensor Performance
  • Convenient One Touch Authentication

Now Available on GSA Advantage through EOD Gear!

Fingerprint reader now available on GSA through EOD Gear

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