Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut Low Profile Carrier V1 MK1


Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut Low Profile Carrier V1 MK1

The Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut Low Profile Carrier V1 MK1 (LPC) is at the forefront of cutting edge innovation. Manufactured using proprietary laminate material and precision cut using the highest quality laser technology for optimum production accuracy to produce a flawless lightweight solution.

Designed with direct input from serving operators within the SF community, the Laser Cut LPC incorporates many new features that combine to make it one of the best carriers on the market today.

Holds stand-alone plates front and back.


Laser Cut

Proprietary Laminated Material


Thermo Pads for Cooling

Thermo Pads for Comfort

Quick Release Speed Clips

Interchangeable Front Panels

Upper Admin Pocket

Removable Shoulder Pads

Low Profile

Holds side plates

The Laser Cut LPC features our new air vent thermo pads, which allow heat to evaporate from the body and increased airflow to assist in cooling. The thermo pad also helps to decrease the back plate signature associated with ballistic impact and trauma. The Laser Cut LPC incorporates a speed clip system, which allows very rapid removal of the carrier on a day to day basis but also in an emergency situation, no complicated cables to worry about, and reassembly takes seconds.

The Laser Cut LPC comes as standard with precision Laser Cut style sides, and utilizes state of the art materials to reduce the overall signature and weight. It comes as standard with a removable MOLLE front flap held in place by 2 vertical QASM clips and Velcro which allows the panel to be removed and replaced with a wide variety of preconfigured panels that are both weapon and mission specific.

The Laser Cut Detachable Triple 5.56 Mag Pouch is a removable Front Panel which attaches to the front of Warriors Laser Cut LPC Plate Carrier, via Velcro and 2 Vertical SQM clips. The DFP-TB-556P holds 3 x 5.56mm x 45mm mags, and are held in place via bungee retention cord, Hypalon lining provides additional mag retention when bungee safety is removed. Each front panel pouch has 4 MOLLE slots externally, allowing the attachment of additional pouches such as pistol mag pouches, CAT pouch or Multitool pouch.

Engineered from our high-quality composite laminate material and manufactured using our state of the art advanced laser cutting machines.