Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut MBITR Radio Pouch


Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut MBITR Radio Pouch 

The Laser Cut MBITR Radio Pouch can accommodate both the MBITR 148 and Harris PRC 152. Velcro and bungee closure is fully adjustable for height and double Mil-Spec elastic provides the lateral tension for both radios. The Laser-Cut MV-MHRP-L can be attached via 2 MOLLE arms to the range of Warrior Plate Carriers, Belts, Chest Rigs and Bags. Batteries can be changed quickly and simply via a Velcro tab, without removing the radio from the pouch.

Engineered from high-quality composite laminate material and manufactured using our state of the art advanced laser cutting machines.

It is battle tested by the worlds finest.  They have collaborated with serving SF operators from around the world, receiving direct input gained from unparalleled experience and know-how.  Engineered from high quality composite laminate and manufactured using state of the art advanced laser-cutting machines.  Delivering a super strong, lightweight, low profile fighting system, for when failure is not an option.

Warrior Assault Systems Laser Cut MBITR/Harris Radio Pouch

  • Super Strong
  • Light Weight
  • Low Profile
  • Precision Laser Cut
  • Innovative