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Warrior Assault Systems Universal Pistol Holster

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Warrior Assault Systems Universal Pistol Holster  


The Warrior Assault Systems Universal Pistol Holster is now available on GSA!

The Warrior Assault Systems Universal Pistol Holster by Warrior Assault Systems fixes so much of what's been wrong with Universal Holsters.  They're a great idea for flexibility in choosing what pistol you're carrying but let's face it, most of them just don't fit well and retention is always an issue.

Warrior Assault Systems has incorporated a locking mechanism to a low-profile, fully adjustable, snug fitting holster that attaches via your MOLLE whether on your Patrol/Battle Belt or Leg Rig.

I've had my hands of Warrior Assault Systems gear for some time and every piece impresses me because of the attention to detail put into each aspect of every single piece of gear.




 How Warrior Assault Systems Universal Pistol Holster Works


  1. Open the UPH and place your pistol so that the locking tab fits inside the trigger guard.
  2. Fold the UPH over the barrel keeping it snug enough for your personal preference.
  3. Wrap the 2 Velcro straps running parallel to the barrel around the UPH.
  4. Secure to MOLLE and you're good to go!
  5. As you grab your pistol, mash down the safe lever which releases the locking mechanism that sits in the trigger guard.
  6. Draw as you've been trained.
  7. Fire For Effect.

If you're looking at getting another holster, whether Kydex, leather, IWB, whatever, give the Locking Universal Pistol Holster a try.  At this price you can get a few of them to completely outfit your kit.

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