1680 Remote Firing Device Pair


1680 Remote Firing Device Pair

The 1680 Remote Firing Device Pair by Rothenbuhler is latest and the lightest RFD on the market.



1680 Remote Firing Device Pair Specifications:


7.75 to 1 Mile Typical (LOS)

              (1.2 to 1.6 km)


900 Mhz FH Spread Spectrum

              No License Required

              Adjustable Power – Up to 1 Watt

              256-bit AES Encryption

Network Options:


              Industry Canada: 1846A-XBPSX

Electric Det. Temperature Range:

              -22 to -142 degrees F (-30 to +60 degrees C)

              MIL STD 810

Shock Tube Temperature Range:

23 to 140 degrees F (0 to 60 degrees C)

              MIL STD 810


5’ (1.5m) Drops MIL STD 331

IP67 Ingress (1m Submersion)


Secondary Safety Processor

Shunted Binding Posts

<1 Second Disarm to Safe

Automatic Disarm Timer

Controller Case Size (Antenna Off):

              5.3” x 3.1” x 1.1”

              147mm x 79mm x 29mm

Controller Weight:

              8.6 Ounces (244g)

Remote Weight:

              9.0 Ounces (255g)

Tri-Level LED Display Brightness:

              Bright – Outdoors

              Medium – Indoors or Low Light

              Low – Night Vision Googles

Battery Run-Time:

              12 Hours on Standby

Maximum Number of Remotes:  8

Remote Fire Mode Options:

              All, individual or selected groups –

              Immediate or sequential fire

Programmable Sequential Firing:

              From 0.5 to 4 seconds

Remote Firing Capacity:

              80 Caps or 3mm Shock tube

              (175Ohm Max resistance)


              390V @ 11.4j (Typical)

              380V @ 8.7j (Minimum)

Arm Time:

              12 Seconds (Typical)

Optional Paring Cable:

              Move Remotes Between Different Systems

User Replaceable Batteries:      

              3x Energizer Lithium AAA (L92)

              4.5V Nominal Voltage


SKU: 1680-Pair
1680 Remote Firing Device Pair Non-el Tip Adapter
1680 Remote Firing Device Pair Replacement Initiator Tip
1680 Remote Firing Device Hard Case
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