E-Squib Firing Device Kit


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E-Squib Firing Device Kit

The E-Squib Firing Device Kit provides a solid state firing detonator that can be used approximately 1000 times.  When fired, the squib is 141dB at 1 meter and 132dB at 3 meters.

E-Squib Firing Device Kit Includes:

  • E-Squib
  • Firing Module
  • Firing Module Trigger Cable
  • Modified Pelican Case
  • Firing Module Charger
  • Instruction Card


The power module is housed in Custom Cut Foam in a Pelican Micro Case with inputs to allow the user to add an electronic trigger.


The input terminal accepts NO (Normally Open) trigger as well as any 12V-24V trigger.  If you already have NO or 12-24V triggers in inventory, then it's as easy as plug and play.


If you need a selection of triggers, we can supply those to meet your specific needs as add-on items.


The extra room within the foam is used to protect and hold the charge cord and optional extra squib.