Bomb Blanket

$1,869.97 - $2,100.00

Bomb Blanket


This Bomb Blanket is for the Specialized Operator, U.S. Armor has developed a number of Mission Specific tactical items such as our new Bomb Blanket, with exclusive Tent Stitching® pattern, and our "user-friendly" Breacher Blanket for safe, effective explosive entries, as taught by the R.E.S.T. and T.E.E.S. breacher schools.

These blankets are to protect you against and contain Bomb Blasts. Made with KEVLAR tm with a Nomex tm fire resistant coating. Will contain explosions from a large variety of bombs. We offer different levels of bomb and ballistic blankets.


Additional Information

Designed in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department EOD for use in controlling IEDs and bomb detonation blasts. Our Bomb Blanket has an exclusive stitch pattern that allows the blanket to be shaped and self-tented over a device. This design facilitates diverting blast pressure and fragmentation for pipe bombs, IED's and other explosive devices are rendered safe.

Threat Level:


Armor Package:

  • DuPont™ Air-Entangled Kevlar® 129®

Key Features:

  • Allows directional blast control for IED's, bombs, and other explosive devices
  • Unique stitch pattern allows for self-tenting feature 
  • Intrinsically safe - no metal snaps/zippers to spark or frag

Additional Information

Carrier Type

  • Permanently sewn-down, 500 Denier CORDURA® cover
  • (8) Nylon webbing straps for easy carry and deployment
Ballistic Material
  • DuPont™ Air-Entangled Kevlar® 129® Armor package
Ballistic Weight
  • Wt. per Sq. Ft. 12.5 oz. (354.37 g)
  • Total Weight: 12.5 lbs.
  • 48" x 48"

Standard Features

  • (8) Large nylon loop handles on all corners and sides of this blanket for ease of deployment, placement and adjustment 
  • Designed to fold into a compact space for easy storage
  • Exclusive stitch pattern allows for self-tenting
  • Developed in cooperation with the LAPD Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams

Ballistic Capabilities

Enforcer Classic series armor, Frag ONLY, Code: USA 
  • Frag – 1476.38 fps / 450 mps
* V50 Data and special testing available


  • Ballistic panels–60 months
  • Permanent Cover–36 months