Breakaway Pulley


Breakaway Pulley 


This Breakaway Pulley is a great tool to have in any HAL or Tactical Bomb Tech Kit.

Designed with an automatic release mechanism that frees the line at a predetermined point, (when using the HL140 or HL145 trigger or HL148), to change the rope-pulling direction when needed.

The pulley also includes a manual locking wheel that stops the automatic opening feature when needed, such as in lifting applications.

The pulley is designed with a spring loaded latch for use when changing the direction of the line when maneuvering suspect packages around obstacles and corners. As the line is pulled through the snatch block a trigger, (H&L 140) which can be secured to the line at any point, trips the hinged top plate opening to release the main line.

This pulley is machined from Solid aircraft aluminum for extreme strength. Fitted with a swivel eye for attaching to an anchor point.

Size: 5 1⁄2” x 1 1⁄2” x 1”
Material: aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon Rope Size: 1⁄2” (12.7mm) diameter maximum 


The Breakaway Pulley Trigger is used with the Breakaway Pulley Trigger HL140 








or HL148


*Carabiner pictured above with the breakaway pulley is not included!