EOD Mini Breakaway Pulley


EOD Mini Breakaway Pulley


This EOD Mini Breakaway Pulley is perfect when you're restricted to traveling as light as possible but still need the total functionality of a larger kit.

Use this Mini Pulley with 1.7mm, 2.2mm and 3mm Samson Dyneema as well as 550 cord.

EOD Mini Breakaway Pulley Now Works Both Directions and is available on GSA Advantage!



The EOD Mini Breakaway Pulley can now be use to pull line in either direction!  This eliminates any chance of error in feeding the line the wrong way.  If you're setting up the remote pull in No Light/Low Light, just put the line in and close the pulley.  You're good to go!

There's no need for additional parts to attach to the line to break the pulley.  All you need to is throw a small knot in the line just forward of the package.  The know will lift the gate allowing the knot to roll over the pulley wheel and fall off allowing you to continue your pull to the SDA.


Light enough and low cost allows you to carry a handful of these in your kit.


The EOD Mini Breakaway Pulley is just out of prototype and ready to go to work.


PRO NOTE:  I was able to demonstrate the original prototype at Ravens Challenge in Washington state and show it to the Re-Cert Techs in Huntsville.  Everyone that got their hands on it, wanted to buy it then.  Production is limited so if you're wanting one, don't wait!