Build Your Own IFAK


Build Your Own IFAK


Now you can Build Your Own IFAK exactly the way you want it with the exact contents you need. 


Why buy a pre-made IFAK that you're going to have to change the contents to meet your specific mission needs.


Click on the item you want to add and the price adjusts in real-time saving you the hassle of having to flip back and forth from the shopping cart.

Upgrade to Rip Away Med Kit
Upgrade to Large Rip Away Medic Kit
SOF-T Wide Black
TCCC Card 2 Pack
OLAES 4 Inch Bandage
Elastic Bandage with Self Closure
Compressed Krinkle Gauze Bandage
Quick Clot Combat Gauze
Blast Bandage
Chest Seal
Large Cravat Triangular Bandage
Latex Free NPA
Pocket BVM
Suction Easy Disposable Suction Unit
Sterile Lube
MOJO Dart Catheter
Trauma Shears
Firefly Ripper
Quad Nod Med Headlamp
Emergency Mylar Blanket
Purell Foam
SBMED Rolled Nitrile Gloves
Safegrip PF Medium Gloves Blue Box
Safegrip PF Large Gloves Blue Box
Safegrip PF X-Large Gloves Blue Box
Sharpie Fine Point Marker
Gorilla Tape
SME Splint-200 with Bag
SME Litter-300


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