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Build Your Own Mini EOD HAL Kit

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Build Your Own Mini EOD HAL Kit


The Build Your Own Mini EOD HAL Kit is the same as our pre-built Mini EOD HAL but allows you to select or not select the tools that you need.


At EOD Gear, we never want you to buy tools that you want or need.  We want you to get exactly what you want.

Just tick the boxes next to the item you want and the price adjust in real time so you never have to bounce over to your shopping cart to see what the total is.


Based on the original kit, we also added upgrades we believe you may want and your always welcome to shop the Tool Section to find anything else not listed.


Looking for an official quote?  Just click the "Add to Quote" button after picking the quantity you need.  When you're done adding to the cart, fill out your contact info and click the "Submit" button. Make sure you enter your information after you're all done to save time.

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