Demining Apron


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Demining Apron

The Demining Apron DA2 is an Apron with a protection according to STANAG 2920 that serves to protect against anti-personnel mines. It is characterized by two collars. The two collars significantly increase the protection of the visor as they are designed to stop the blast from penetrating. Frontal protection is provided from the shoulders to the lower leg respectively knee area.

  • Protection level v50=450 m/s according to STANAG 2920, fulfills IMAS 10.30
  • Comfortable to wear for all genders
  • Suitable for operations in tropical areas
  • Quickly donned and individually adjusted
  • High degree of freedom of movement in all positions with a full field of vision
  • High durable and hygienic due to washable Cordura® outer cover

It can be used in both a kneeling and a lying position without any modification. The open back for ventilation as well as the light weight make it comfortable to wear. It is put on and taken off in a few seconds.

A removable, washable cover made of Cordura® is designed to outlast the life of the armor. It is coated with water-resistant polyurethane.


Size One size fits it all
Colors black, dark blue, olive, coyote brown
Weight Approx. 4 kg
Protection v50 = 450 m/s according to STANAG 2920, fulfills IMAS 10.30
Warranty 12 months against labor faults
Life time of ballistics 5 years