Demining Fragmentation Shield


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Demining Fragmentation Shield

The Fragmentation Shield has been specifically designed for mine clearance and EOD work. It is made for operatives requiring protection from small anti personnel mines and EOD operatives in support of EOD Technicians. The shield has two telescopic legs that can be placed into the ground to support it in the upright position, and centrally located window. Four soft handles are fitted to the reverse of the shield to assist in carrying it.


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Ballistic Performance and Weight

Fragmentation resistance ACCORDING TO STANAG 2920 (shield including window)

Version         Protection Level                      Part no.            Weight

650              v50 = 650 m/s = 2,133 ft/s    1100300-65      14 kg = 30.1 lbs

750              v50 = 750 m/s = 2,460 ft/s    1100300-75      17 kg = 37.5 lbs



Shield 130 x 70 cm (app. 4.3 x 2.3 ft) Window 10 x 25 cm (app. 4 x 10 in)



Standard Colors are NATO olive green, sand, blue and black