Det Diagnostic Trainer


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Det Diagnostic Trainer

The Det Diagnostic Trainer lets you know precisely if your procedure would have initiated a device or not.  


Det Diagnostic Trainer Kit Includes:

Wireless Receiver for up to 6 Caps

6 Wireless DETSIM Blasting Caps - Meets US FCC regulations

Hard Carry Case



Just add in the Det Diagnostic Cap(s) into your existing problem and it will wirelessly signal the control box if a real cap would have been initiated.

When using dummy detonators or squibs during training it is often impossible or extremely difficult to identify when or if a simulated training Improvised Explosive Device (IED) has initiated.

SimDet will do just that and enable immediate feedback when the IED has received stimulation that would cause it to initiate. Just substitute a dummy detonator or squib connected to a IED training device for a SimDet. When it is armed and receives the appropriate initiation stimuli, the SimDet will safely transmit an “I have detonated” signal wirelessly to a receiver.

This enables the trainee, trainer or directing staff the ability to assess the RSP in real-time. The accompanying SimDet receiver can concurrently monitor up to six SimDets and will alarm and give a visual indicator that the SimDet has functioned.