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Disposable Tripwire Finder

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Disposable Tripwire Finder


The Disposable Tripwire Finder is the most cost-effective way to be able to find tripwires during clearance operations within a building or in the field.


Made from marking ribbon, the core weight carries the 100 foot ribbon all the way out to cover the greatest distance than cloth tripwire finders.  A plus when you're in a big hurry to get to your target.


The core is a 1/2 inch thick steel stock cut to the width of the tape and ground to a smooth edge so there's no worry of hanging up on other gear.


The total thickness is 1 5/8 inches making this tripwire finder small enough to carry a bunch of these in your kit.




Although we consider these disposable, these tripwire finders can be thrown again due to the weight of the core.  Re-spooling is difficult can be done with patience.  


During our initial runs we threw and re-spooled these repeatedly.  It sucked and took a while but it can be done.  If you're not patient, consider the reusable cloth tripwire finders.


Why Buy our Disposable Tripwire Finders?

  • Small
  • Lite weight
  • Reusable depending on how bad you trash them during the op
  • Cost Effective
  • Cover approximately 100 feet in front of you
  • You can buy in Bulk and Save



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