Master Tripwire Exploitation Kit


Master Tripwire Exploitation Kit

The Master Tripwire Exploitation Kit is everything you'll need to successfully prosecute tripwires from Low Tech to High Tech.  This kit was designed while meeting with military EOD and public safety Bomb Techs to give the operator the best chance at success.

Whether you're operating in daylight or on NVG's, you'll have the laser that meets your needs even if that means transitioning from day to night and dot to line and back again.

The Master Tripwire Exploitation Kit Includes:

  • EOD Specific Rip Away Pouch in your choice of Berry Compliant colors: Black, Coyote, Ranger, Multicam
  • Six Longitudinal cut forceps (See image) TAA Compliant
  • Two Tripwire Marking Ribbon, Berry Orange or Yellow
  • 3 Piece Set Positive Blocks
  • One Butane Torch
  • 2 Part 60 Second Epoxy
  • Two  Green VisiPads
  • Two Red VisiPads
  • One Roll 1 Inch x 30 Yard Gorilla Tape
  • Six Safety Pins
  • Five Zip Ties


You'll notice the quality of this kit as soon as you begin to open the Berry Compliant EOD-Specific Rip Away Pouch and find the two Z-Bolt Green and IR combination Dot and Line lasers.  Proven in the field by Navy EOD Techs, you know you're getting the best gear available.



All EOD-Gear brand pouches, bags, packs and other sewn items are Guaranteed against any physical defect, rip, tear, broken zipper for the length of your career or 20 years whichever is longer!

Simply send us a picture of the damaged item and we will replace it no questions asked.


Next pull out the forceps and check out the longitudinal grips that run perpendicular to the trip wire.  Any thoughts of slipping are now going away.  You're getting 6 forceps based on current requirements from TBT and others. 

The remaining parts of the kit allow you to adjust from low tech to high tech and back again based on the scenario you find yourself working in.  

If this is the kit for you but you need to purchase it on a government contract, we are on  GSA as well as partnered with an ANC 8(A) as well as our favorite Prime Contracting Vendor, SupplyCore.  Let SupplyCore know you're looking for this and they'll take care of it from there.

For those looking for a stripped down version due to budget constraints, give us a call and we'll work to create a custom kit that meets your needs and your budget.