Domestic Pressure Cooker Training Device


Domestic Pressure Cooker Training Device


The Domestic Pressure Cooker Training Device replicates the device used in the Boston Bombing and is the ideal device to use to showcase a device that was deployed to greatly enhance your IED training.

  • Domestic Cooker with Epoxied Frag
  • Large cavity for electronic circuitry and explosives
  • Completely customizable to your exact scenarios 

The device comes with a timer, internal Frag and bulk explosives. Based on your training needs, we offer options to change your scenarios by simply changing the explosive used and the complexity of triggers.


Add any or all of the explosive options and we can provide you with specific detonators including electric and improvised electric caps.


The device will incorporate a "Safe To Arm" light making scenario set up quick and efficient.  You'll know it's ready to arm.



Add Backpack
Add Arabic Dynamite
Add Russian Dynamite
Add US Dynamite
Add M112 C4
Add Safe Separation
Add Reed Switch
Add Ball Tilt
Add Pressure Release
Arduino Circuit
Add Remote Frequency Transmitter
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