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Dual Line Shocktube Initiator

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* We (I) confirm that the goods above will not be used for purposes associated with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or missiles capable of delivering such weapons.:
* We (I) confirm that the goods above will not be re-sold or re-exported, if we know or suspect that they are intended or likely to be used for such purposes.:

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    Dual Line Shocktube Initiator


    This Dual Line Shocktube Initiator, made by Royal Arms gives you the convenience of easily dual priming your shot with dual safeties.  

    One is none.  Two is one!

    Features: Quick detach block Navy style with clamp head

    Royal Arms dual shock tube igniter is the smallest most reliable mechanical igniter on the market today. It has been tested and proved in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Hostile environments. when your shot is on the line trust our RDI every time.

    Weight: 0.75 lbs.
    Overall Length: 6”
    Overall Height: 1.3” w/ Quick detach block
    Body Length: 4.950”
    Body Height: 0.635”
    Body Width: 1.5”
    RDI Body Material: 6061 T6 Black anodized Aluminum Firing Pins, Stops, Trigger, Primary Safety, Springs, Bolts & Cross Bar
    Material: made of Stainless and Steel- Zinc Coated for rust protection.
    Receiver Heads: Knurled Brass 1.580” X 0.5”
    Lock Nuts: Hex Brass
    Dual Safeties:

    • Primary Safety: Trigger Sear Block Rotate forward to engage Safety showing green When rotated 180 degrees backwards, shows a Red for fire ready.
    • Secondary Safety: Quick release pins which blocks firing pins
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