Duke D80 Combination Blasting Machine


Duke D80 Combination Blasting Machine

The Duke D80 Combination Blasting Machine gives you the ability to fire electric caps and shock tube so your always ready regardless of what you're shooting.

*Includes the upgraded Universal Shock Tube Tip which will make your Nonel shots faster and with less maintenance!


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Size (LxWxH): 5.2" 2.44" x 2.28" (13.2cm x 6.19cm x 5.79cm)
Fits in the palm of your hand or your shirt pocket
Weight: 10 oz. (0.3 kg)
Power Supply: One standard 9-Volt alkaline battery
Electric Output: 8 Joules at 320 Volts into 172 ohm load
(80 2-ohm caps through a 12-ohm lead line)
Shock Tube Tip: Fires both military and commercial shock tube
Carbon block technology
One active and three spare blocks built into tip for long life
Replacement carbon blocks available
Environmentally Sealed: Submersible to 10 feet (3m)
Switches are double sealed and protected by a metal shroud
Main electronics are gasket sealed
Safety: Blasting machine will not fire until fully charged to design voltage. Outputs are caged until unit is fired. Unit automatically discharges safely if ARM button is released. Two button fire control with shrouded switches to prevent accidental actuation.
Fast Charge: 4~5 seconds
Long Battery Life: Provides over 200 charge-fire cycles
Military Rated: Pending. Unit is designed to comply with HESD, environmental hazards, and non-nuclear munitions fuzing safety standards.
Temperature Range: -40C ~ +85C
Colors: Desert Tan
D80/ESI-T (Desert Tan)