Benefits of Lightweight Body Armor

Benefits of Lightweight Body Armor

Posted by Steve Cassidy Former US Navy EOD, CEO EOD Gear on Jul 03, 2022

In the world of protective body armor, lightweight body armor has recently gotten a lot of buzz. Lightweight body armor is typically comprised of woven ballistic fibers, instead of heavier materials like ballistic steel and ceramics. Some manufacturers use ceramic matrix composites, which are comprised of small ceramic shapes interwoven together. The result is that the body armor is significantly lighter than steel but just not as durable as the latest high tech polymer armor.

Typically steel body armor and ceramic armor can weigh 8 to 10 pounds per plate where the new lightweight body armor is as light as 1.5 pounds per plate!

Lightweight polymer body armor allows the wearer to increase mobility, speed and endurance while reducing fatigue. The lightweight material used in body armor allows the wearer to maintain the same level of protection or higher provided by heavy steel and ceramic armor. Lightweight body armor has proved useful for soldiers in places such as Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine, where soldiers need to conduct long-range patrols in areas with heavy enemy presence.

Speed Costs Money! How Fast Do You Want To Go?

Lightweight body armor is more expensive but the new technology allows for 15 year warranties versus the typical 5 year warranty provided by old technology armor plates. For contracting officers and individuals conducting research can determine the long-term value by dividing the upfront cost by the number of years provided by the warranty. In the case of a 15 year warranty against a 5 year, the advanced body armor can be 3 times the price less one penny to provide an economic advantage.The economic advantage is also extended by removing the administrative costs associated with acquiring armor via purchase orders.

In conclusion, lightweight body armor provides higher performance against a broad selection of ammunition, improved physical human performance, increased morale, lower annualized costs and reduced administrative costs.

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