EOD Ceramic Knife


EOD Ceramic Knife

Having an EOD Ceramic Knife is a must have if there is any chance you'll be doing Hand Entry.

I was first issued a Boker ceramic knife in 1997 while I was on MU-8 Det 6 out of Sigonella Sicily and I still use it today around the shop while I'm working on devices or detailed custom builds.


Why have a ceramic knife?  If you're cutting on electronics and closing the circuit with your knife is a bad thing, your troubles go away if you're using a ceramic knife.

If you haven't used a ceramic knife, be sure to build a simple circuit and attempt to close the circuit with the blade of the knife.  It becomes crystal clear why you should have a ceramic knife in your kit.


Use your EOD Ceramic Knife for:

Hand Entry on IED's and IWMD's

Get your bagel out of the toaster

Work on electronics

Impress family and friends


What you won't use the knife for:

You won't be able to check continuity on your galvo using the blade like you can with other knives. 

Prying open beer bottles.  Ceramic is great for cutting but you don't want to twist them or work them away from the cutting edge.  


If you're an EOD Tech, you need the EOD Ceramic Knife.