EOD Demining Kit Rip Away


EOD Demining Kit Rip Away

This product contains only the rip away (No Detector)

Don't forget the landmine training aids! Click HERE to see the full line.

EOD Demining Kit Rip Away kit includes the following:


EOD pouch 

MINI Breakaway Pulley (2)

Wall anchor (3)

Pulley carabiner 

Dyneema 7-64 inch double loop full line 200ft 

6inch forceps(insulated) (2)

EOD 5inch vise grip 

Length-adjustable mirror 

EOD Ceramic Blade Scissors 

6inch Curved Forceps(insulated) (2)

EOD Ceramic Blade Box Cutter 

Tianium Stake 

Also attached to this kit is the

EOD Rip Away Tool Panel

EOD Rip Away SSE Remote Pull Line Bag