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EOD Firing Wire Rapid Deployment

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EOD Firing Wire Rapid Deployment


Get your firing wire out in a hurry with the EOD Firing Wire Rapid Deployment Rolls.

Our rapid fire wire coils are used by EOD units from all branches of the U.S. Military. Designed for r
apid deployment. Combat tested & proven in Iraq & Afghanistan.


• Solid dual-strand copper
• 23 gauge wire
• Lubricant coated
• Insulated
• Shunted ends
• Will spool out from vehicle at up to 20 mph


• 50 m: 7 ohm
• 100 m: 13 ohm
• 200 m: 28 ohm


• 50m: 0.75 lb
• 100m: 1.25 lb
• 200m: 2.75 lb

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