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EOD Go Bag

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EOD Go Bag


The EOD Go Bag is the ultimate kit when you're headed down range and you really don't know what you're going to run into.


This kit is made up by expanding our Master 1st Line Kit which is our 1st Line Kit with added gear.


The 1st Line Kit contains the following:

  • Non US MOLLE Pouch- Berry Compliant Available!
  • Screw Driver Set - 6 Pc
  • Soldering Iron & Gas Torch
  • General Metal Reamer
  • Markal All Surface Marker
  • Extendable 1 Inch Inspection Mirror - Compact enough to carry on Secret Service Details.
  • 18mm Ceramic Snap Blade
  • Insulated Forceps 6" - Straight
  • Insulated Forceps 6" - Curved
  • Stainless Surgical Shears
  • 2X3 Inch Extendable Inspection Mirror 
  • Ceramic Scissors - These are the new stronger ceramic scissors.  
  • Split Pulley - Super easy to set up for a remote pull and strong enough to lift a package.
  • Endless Loop - Berry Compliant and super strong. 
  • 2 S-Biners - Size 5 and made of steel.
  • Mini Pry Bar
  • Epoxy - 2 part 60 Second Cure Rate
  • Combination Sharp Tip/Flat Tip Spudger 
  • 3 ESD Safe Tweezers 


The Master 1st Line Kit Includes:

  • The entire 1st Line Kit
  • Gerber MP600DET EOD Multitool
  • Mini Breakaway Pulley
  • Gerber Recon MII Flashlight


The Rest of the Kit Includes:

  • Warrior Assault Systems Predator Backpack with MOLLE Insert
  • Pouches for Tools
  • 2 Additional Mini Breakaway Pulleys
  • Petzl Carabiner Pulley
  • Folding Grappling Hook
  • 2 Fat Ivans
  • 2 Additional Straight Forceps
  • EOD Spool with 200 foot 1.75mm static line
  • EOD Spool with 400 foot 1.75mm static line
  • M11 EOD Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath
  • Carabiner Hook Knife
  • 4 Large S-Biners
  • 2 Black Non-Locking Petzl Carabiners
  • 5 Inch Locking Vise Grip with Eye Hook
  • Standard Vise Grip with Eye Hook
  • 10 Long Zip Ties
  • Stanley FUBAR
  • Dual Cap Crimpers
  • Buzz-Mo Continuity Tester
  • Firing Wire Reel with 500 feet 18 AWG 2 Connector Wire
  • Wire Strippers
  • 5 Inch Micro Cutters
  • Z-Bolt Green Laser Choice of Dot or Line
  • Garrett THD
  • Window Glass Break Pen
  • 6 Large Black Safety Pins 
  • 4 Piece Probe Pick Set
  • 3 Clear 3M Safety Glasses
  • 3 Smoke 3M Safety Glasses
  • 3 Amber 3M Safety Glasses
  • 1 2.88 Inch Gorilla Tape
  • 2 Rolls 1 Inch Gorilla Tape
  • 2 Rolls Electrical Tape
  • 1 25 Count Box Red VisiPads
  • 1 25 Count Box Green VisiPads
  • 3 DEVCON 1 Minute Epoxy
  • 6 DEVCON Mixing Nozzles

EOD Go Bag Choice

When picking an EOD Go Bag, you have choices of where to buy them based on your needs.  As an EOD Tech that continuously searches out for current EOD Techs and Bomb Techs for the latest and greatest, we believe we've put together a fair and reasonably priced kit that will meet the needs of the team no matter what situation you run in to.

We've put this kit together to address immediate actions, recon, hook and line remote operations and demolition.

If you're looking for something that you want in the kit and can't find it, we'll do our best to meet your needs.  On the flip side, if you like most of the kit but need to drop or swap some items, we're able to do that as well.

For the best results, contact us for specific questions and pricing options to meet your tight budget.  If we can provide what you need in a timely and cost-effective way, we're sure you'll come back to us.

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