EOD IR Patch


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EOD IR Patch


The EOD IR Patch you want for true IR IFF is made by Ce-Jay Engineering, the leader in all things IR.  If you're not getting Ce-Jay then don't expect your IR gear to work very well or last longer than an evening at the Matador!


These patches measure 2 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide with Velcro Hook on the back so you can put this patch anywhere that has loop.


Because this is ITAR Restricted we cannot ship OCONUS.  For now you'll need to ship it to your house and someone there can ship it to you.     ATTN all of our Non-US EOD partners, this also means we cannot ship to you either.


If you're purchasing a large quantity for your command, we'll be able to work with you but you need to request a quote.  Give us a call at 877-EOD-2626.  Due to production runs, the order could be 30 Days ARO.


Made in the US  ins't always easy but it is worth it.   Watch out for the knock offs.  Shop at EOD Gear!