EOD Recon Kit


EOD Recon Kit

The EOD Recon Kit packs a big punch for such a small pouch while providing the tools you need to do a proper recon.


The kit starts with the case which is 7x6x2 inches and has an outside pocket, velcro and MOLLE.

The kit then includes the following:

  • Gerber EOD Multi-Tool 600
  • Streamlight Flashlight
  • Black Mini Pry Bar
  • Gorilla Tape 1 inch by 90 feet
  • Loctite 60 Second Epoxy
  • Straight Forceps
  • Endless Loop - Berry Compliant
  • Ceramic Scissors
  • Rite in the Rain Notebook
  • 5 Black Safety Pins
  • 5 long zip ties


The Gerber EOD MP600 DET has the cap crimper, det cord cutter, punch, a robust serrated blade to cut down the mightiest oak as well as all of the tools you know, love and expect in a great multi-tool.

The Pelican 2350 LED light is not much bigger than the AA battery it runs on!  Two brightness levels, 100 and 10 Lumens.  The light will last 1 hour 45 minutes on high or 15 hours on low.  Perfect for EDC.

Black Mini Pry Bar by Kobalt.  I don't like the blue mini pry bars.  Maybe they're for inert ordnance.

Gorilla Tape will hold whatever you need to keep together.  We all know how sloppy electrical tape can be in extreme heat or cold.  Gorilla will get you through.

Loctite 1 minute epoxy.  Time on Target!  Why use anything that takes 5 minutes?  If you have a CP and your P2 is making up your gear, then fine.  Immediate Action/Recon you may want to consider time.

Straight Hemostats are the same one in all of our kits.  Proven.

Endless Loop is perfect for getting an attachment on something without having to worry about dropping your vice grips on it.  

Rite in the Rain EOD notebook is a great way to take notes on your target whether it's UXO or IED. 

Black safety pins like the ones that you take off the bandoliers.  We throw in at least 5 because you can never have enough.  Same with the zip ties.  More is more!