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EOD Tool Roll

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EOD Tool Roll


The EOD Tool Roll puts all of your tools right where you need them!  You'll know exactly what you have to work with and it's easy to pick up on the fly to move to the next device.  2 Zippered Pouches for pre-built demo/shock tube, initiators or other spare parts.

  • Bigger elastic loops toward the inside for disruptors, Garrett, mine probes, etc.
  • Smaller elastic loops as you approach the end of the roll giving you the greatest flexibility in tool placement.
  • Multiple rows of elastic allows stacking
  • Specific pouches and slots are general enough for greater flexibility and customization
  • Comes in the 4 Primary colors Coyote Tan, Black, Ranger Green and Multicam.
  • Fits perfectly in the bottom of the Warrior Assault Systems Predator Backpack
  • Berry Compliant - Made in the USA!

When we created this roll, I sat down with the manufacturer and all of our tools to design a pouch...coming soon.  We were throwing around ideas when the tool roll was brought up.  After tweaking the prototype, we think we got it right.  


Tactical Tool Roll

Looking for a Tactical Tool Roll to hold the gear and tools for your tactical specialty.  Although designed specifically for EOD, the versatility of this roll gives you the flexibility to safely store and transport your tools of the trade.  Shooters, Combat Engineers, Armorers, Combat Medics and Breachers can all benefit by using this tool roll.


The EOD Tool Roll comes as the roll only.  All tools pictured are for reference only.

The EOD Tool Roll is available as an option on our Custom EOD Tool Kit where you can pick the tools you want for your specific needs.

Made in the USA and Berry Compliant!


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