Expray - Regular Explosive Detection and Identification Field Test Kit



Tests for Polynitro-Aromatics; Nitrate Esters/Nitramines; Inorganic Nitrate Compounds.



EOD units; detection of IEDs; Security (perimeter; facility/infrastructure; Entry; check-points)



Expray 1, Expray 2, Expray 3, 2 Collection Paper Dispensers, 1 Verification Paper Pad. Packed in R1 Carrying Case.


Chemistry See individual aerosol specs  
Colorimetric Reaction See individual aerosol specs  
Reaction Time Few seconds up to 10 seconds  
Sample Collection Test paper or sprayed directly onto surface #530 gray dispenser
Sensitivity Range: low nanograms level per mm2 What the naked eye can see is dependent on lighting and concentration of residue in area tested
Number Tests 100/50 How used can affect total number of tests
Operational Temperature 0° – 140° Fahrenheit  
Product Dimensions L=9″ W=8″ H=3″  
Total Weight    
Shelf Life 2 years  
Product Validation Paper validation pad: Spray with Expray 1 followed by Expray 2 Red “E’X’s” will appear if product is still effective
False-Positives N/A  
Safety Considerations Keep aware from strong heat sources; use in ventilated area No special disposal requirements
Packaging Plastic Kit 3 Aerosols; Test Paper; Validation Paper