Flat Pack Rope Reel


Flat Pack Rope Reel

This lightweight, versatile flat pack reel was designed to give you a quick and easy way to deploy rope without having to carry around a bulky rope reel.  This flat rope reel holds about 100 ft of 1.75mm Dyneema line (included).  The reel is equipped with a hole to clip a carabiner on if desired as well as a hole for a tie off point for the end of the line.


Flat Pack Rope Reel SPECS:

  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Made at EOD Gear Franklin
  • Includes 100 feet of 1.75mm 400lb line.
  • 6 inches Tall 
  • 2.5 inches Wide/3.5 inches Wide at Tab
  • Can be customized to accept different lengths and types of line.