The HME (Homemade Explosives) SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation) Kit is an all inclusive system designed to have everything you need to safely exploit an explosive scene in an operational environment.  You'll have everything you need to safely record, test, desensitize, and exploit homemade explosives.  It comes standard with a five pack of TraceX explosive detection kits or you can choose to purchase a ten pack of Explosive-ETK FS kits in replacement of the TraceX kits for an additional cost.  This kit comes in a lightweight, rugged Berry Compliant carrying bag.  

A replenishment kit is available HERE



(2 each) Large Blue Static Dissipative ESD Plastic Vials

(2 each) Blue Static Dissipative ESD Lab Vials

(4 each) Disposable Polypropylene Laboratory Spatula

(1 each) Durable Anti Static ESD Safe Brush

(2 Each) ESD Reusable Foot Heel Grounding Strap

(10 Each) Anti-Static Seal Top Bag Pink 3 x 5. Zip Locking bags

(10 Each) Anti-Static Seal Top Bag Pink 6 x 8. Zip Locking bags

(20 Each) Nitrile ESD Gloves Ambidextrous, Large

(1 each) 4" Steel Feild Test Plate, Disc Shaped

(1 each) Refillable Butane Torch Field Test Lighter

(1 each) 3 Lens Ballistic Safety Glasses

(4 each) Ahura Vial 4ml Clear

(1 each) Portable Multipurpose Field Test Hammer

(1 foot) Parafilm All Purpose Laboratory Film

(4 each) Alcohol Prep Pad

(10 each) Plastic Evidence Bag

(1 each) Tactical Desensitization Sprayer

(1 each) Sharpie

(4 each) Plastic Pipettes

(4 each) Centrifuge Tubes

(4 each) Long Q-Tips

(4 each) Tongue Depressors

(2 each) Plastic Collection Tubes

(1 each) ESD Tweezers

(5 each) TraceX HME Test Kit OR (10 Each) Explosive-ETK FS HME Test Kit

(5 each) Orange Reusable Explosive Marker

(1 each) Butane Cartridge (Continental US Shipping Only)

(1 each) Tactical Carrying Bag