Hostage Vest


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Hostage Vest

This Hostage Vest is completely customizable for your specific training scenarios.

You have 3 choices of vest to choose from with an option to pick up a 5 pack of your chosen vest.

Vest Choices:

  • Hand Sewn Black Cloth Vest
  • Rhodesian Vest
  • Fisherman Vest

Each vest contains 4 blocks of M112 or 6 sticks of Dynamite.


With any trigger selected, you'll receive a complete circuit which includes the buzzer and battery connector.


Other options include TATP, Black Powder and many more.


Hostage Vest Options Include:

  • Arduino Circuit - Contact us for programming
  • Breakwire for anti-removal
  • Radio Command Detonation
  • Digital Countdown Timer
  • Anti-Lift to place under the Hostage

Explosive Options:

We carry a full line of military and Homemade Explosives to choose from allowing ultimate flexibility in creating scenarios for your team.


With the ability to choose as many or as few of explosives and triggers as needed, EOD Gear Training Aids are built with the Instructor in mind so that you can rapidly and easily increase the difficulty needed for your specific training.


While selecting your options, you'll notice the price adjusts in real-time without having to bounce back and forth to the shopping cart.


By selecting the 5 pack replacement vest option, you can pre-load your explosives and then add the circuit needed on the fly.