Micro HAL Kit Basic

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Micro HAL Kit Basic


The new Micro HAL Basic Kit gives you good capabilities in a small package with smaller tools.

We're here for Military and Public Safety EOD Commands.  Please give us a call to receive best pricing 877-363-2626.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Mini Breakaway Pulleys
  • 3 S-Biners
  • 200 feet of 1.77mm Dyneema
  • 2 Forceps
  • 5 Inch Vise Grip
  • Ceramic Scissors
  • FatIvan
  • 5 Zip Ties
  • Endless Loop
  • 3 Piece Set Positive Blocks
  • 2 Red VisiPads
  • 2 Green VisiPads
  • Roll of 1" Gorilla Tape
  • 6 Safety Pins

The breakaway pulleys lift by an overhand knot tied in the line just forward of the package saving you time, money and weight.  Having a breakaway pulley and 200 feet of line gives you the equipment you need to set up expedient remote pulls to handle most scenarios.

Berry Compliant case available.

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