Micro HAL Kit


Micro HAL Kit

The new Micro HAL Kit gives you large capabilities in a small package with smaller tools.

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Kit Includes:

  • Berry Compliant EOD-specific Rip Away Pouch with Career-Long Guarantee*
  • Rip Away Zippered Line Pull/SSE Bag
  • 3 Mini Breakaway Pulleys
  • 3 Wall Anchors
  • 3 Red and 3 Green NVG Compatible Threat Markers
  • Titanium Stake for Pulley High Purchase
  • 3 S-Biners
  • Folding Grappling Hook
  • Hook Knife
  • 1 100 foot remote pull spool
  • 2 Forceps
  • 5 Inch Vise Grip
  • 5 Zip Ties
  • Endless Loop
  • 3 Piece Set Positive Blocks
  • Roll of 1" Gorilla Tape
  • 6 Safety Pins

The breakaway pulleys lift by an overhand knot tied in the line just forward of the package saving you time, money and weight.  Having 3 breakaway pulleys and 100 feet of line gives you the equipment you need to set up multiple remote pulls to handle most scenarios.



All EOD-Gear brand pouches, bags, packs and other sewn items are Guaranteed against any physical defect, rip, tear, broken zipper for the length of your career or 20 years whichever is longer!

Simply send us a picture of the damaged item and we will replace it no questions asked.