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MK Keychain Battery Carrier

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MK Keychain Battery Carrier


The MK Keychain Battery Carrier is a  convenient way to carry and protect up to six (6) spare batteries for your MK4 LipLight, your GloWands, and your Finger Lights.

Weight: 0.8 Ounces | 22.6 Grams with six (6) A675 batteries
Size: 2.3" x 1.3" x .4" | 58mm x 33mm x 11mm
Battery: Six (6) A675 / IEC-PR44 Batteries (included)

Made from soft rubber each battery is easily removed from the carrier when needed.

Never be caught in the dark again.

Eliminates the problem of having backup batteries that you cannot locate in your ge ar bag. The MK Keychain Battery Carrier is a must have item for prepared individuals. Batteries included.

The MK Keychain Battery Carrier includes six (6) A675 / IEC-PR44 batteries and keychain lanyard.

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