Range Response Bag


Range Response Bag

This Range Response Bag is one of my favorites and the one I currently use for trips to the range.


The main compartment is huge and has a divider that goes long-way down the middle.  The divider then has a flap that can be flipped out to creat an additional smaller section.  Picture a short "T" inside the bag.  One section the length of the bag and 2 more sections adjacent to it.

In the picture above, you'll see the pistol sticking out.  Not recommended.  The bag comes with our Universal holster and sits inside that pocket.  The pocket seam is somewhat concealed and what I like best is you just grab it and rip it open.  The entire pocket has a velcro panel so you can stick the Universal Holster anywhere you want.  

The bag is super roomy without being too big.  Durable enough to take the beating I give it.  Great combination of large and small pockets on the outside that have velcro closures as well as the end pockets that open top with bungee  restraints.  I'll stick some water bottles in them.