SSE Scenario Package


SSE Scenario Package

The SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation) Scenario Package is composed of Intel items to drive your IED scenarios. It includes OPFOR materials such as laptops, phones, maps (targets), books, notes, terrorist literature, tools, fake money/passports/contraband, etc. Each selection is unique to its area of operation as well as the type of IED you are running. All of the electronics in the package are fully functional working items so that actual exploitation can be conducted. This package will benefit the operators you are training greatly giving them more than just the average IED drill. It gives students/trainees a complete and realistic scenario with more objectives involved.

SSE Scenario Package Includes:

  • (1) Laptop

  • (1) Cell Phone (with SIM Card)

  • (1) Memory Card

  • (1) Wall Map with Targets

  • (2) Books or Terrorist Literature

  • (1) Set of notes

  • (1) Set of Tools or Materials Related to IED Selected

  • (20) Fake Currency

  • (1) Fake Passport

  • (2) Fake Contraband Items

  • (1) Bottle of Fake Blood

  • (2) Religious Items

  • (3) Clothing Items