Bomb Tech S.A.D. Kit


Tupelo S.A.D. Kit


The Tupelo S.A.D. Kit includes the following:


EOD Gear Rip Away Pouch USA/Berry - Ranger

Mini Breakaway Pulley 2 Choose Your Mini Breakaway Pulleys

Hook Knife Detonation Technology Carabiner Hook Knife

Vise Grip 4 Inch With Eye Loop

Remote Pull Line 100' 1.5mm 450lb High Visibility Line - with Mesh Page

Forceps Straight & Curved Pair

Inspection Mirror 2x3 Inch Mirror Extendable

Shears Fiskars Titanium Shears

Grappling Hook Small 3 Tine

Probe/Pick Set 4 Piece Set

Ceramic Snap Blade 18mm With Replacement Blade

Wire Stripper 20-30 AWG Stripper

60 Second Epoxy 2 Syringe 2 Part Epoxies

Titanium Probe Punch with Lanyard - 6 Inches - Thicker than Probe

Wall Anchor

Positive Blocks

Cararbiner M39A

Threat Markers (x2)

S Biner (x2)

Ceramic Clothes Pin Cutter

Medical Shears