Underwater MCM Metal Detector

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Underwater MCM Metal Detector


The Underwater MCM Metal Detector is the CEIA CMD/DW and works to over 300 FSW!  Perfect for MK16 dives.

  • Certified to 100m for Deep Water search
  • Detection Capabilities for all metal and minimum-metal content targets
  • Balanced, Compact, Lightweight design
  • One Piece Retractable design
  • Accurate pin-pointing of the target’s position indicated by: acoustic modulation; maskable led display
  • High discrimination capability for adjacent targets
  • Automatic Compensation for mineralized and high natural metal content soil
  • Operation monitored by a microcomputer-controlled autodiagnostic system
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Completely digital electronics, with in-field program memory upgrade capability
  • Ease of operation with minimum training time required


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