VELUX 5 1050-1550



VELUX 5 1050/1550

Velux 5 is a programmable Short Wave Infrared Marker Beacon powered by 2 Common AA batteries. Available in either 1050nm (902570) or 1550nm (902571) configurations, the Velux™ 5 has been engineered to withstand harsh environments and chemical exposure. This tremendous strength coupled with a watertight design make the Velux 5 superbly suited for water to land deployment and special operations applications.

The Velux 5 has three user-selectable flash patterns; the first code pattern is a fixed flash rate code identical to the Phoenix Jr., the second code pattern is the International Morse Code signal (S–O–S) and the third is installed as needed by the user in the field.

The beacons signal is turned ON or OFF simply by "double clicking" the power button. This double click action prevents the beacon from being inadvertently activated, or deactivated. Programming and flash pattern selection is carried out via the programming button located on the top of the unit. Miniature indicator lights within the device will flash the pattern as it is being recorded by the user to confirm the code being stored. During operation, the user can reactivate the miniature indicator lights at anytime allowing the user to visually confirm the broadcast code in situations where their own night vision equipment has become lost or damaged.

Powered by 2 common AA batteries, Velux 5 uses the most common power source available anywhere in the world. Velux 5 can be attached to PALS webbing, belts, or uniform by using the supplied locking spring clips.

VELUX 5 1050/1550 SPECS:

Weight: 2.6 Ounces | 74 Grams with batteries
Size: 2.8" x 0.82"x1.3" | 72mm x 21mm x 33mm
Flash repeat cycle/duration: Programmable
Code Memories: Three; Phoenix Jr. fixed flash rate, International Morse Code signal
and user defined.
Battery: 2 common AA Alkaline or Lithium Batteries
Configuration: 3 Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Switching: Power Button and Programming Button
Options: Velux™ 5 1050nm (902570), Velux™ 5 1550nm (902571)