WASPP Wire Attack Kit Alternative


WASPP Wire Attack Kit Alternative 

This WASPP Wire Attack Kit Alternative is the Kri-Tech Long Wire Piercers in 6 Pairs combined in a custom way specific to your needs.

This kit includes 6 Pair of Probes in either all Black, all Red or combination Red/Black pairs.

Each probe comes with its own extension rod for when you really need to go deep.

Although we call this an alternative we believe the best practice would be to have this kit as an add on.  Look at your existing kit and the amount of redundancy built in.  There's a time and a place for specific tools where one is just better than the other at the given point.  Having a thinner probe could be beneficial rather than making a bigger hole.


WASPP Difference: US vs Brit Made

First, let's acknowledge that both are very well made.  The argument I'll make here is not deciding which WASPP kit to have.  The argument is to have both!  How many variations of many of your tools do you currently have.  EOD operations require a ton of gear.  Let's not get cheap coming into this.  

The first difference you'll notice is the diameter of the Kri-Tech is much smaller than the the US made WASPP.  With the smaller diameter is also lighter weight.  

The tightening mechanism on the Kri-Tech sits at the bottom of the probe as opposed to the SEI dial.  Time on Target is a factor and making sure you have a good bite on the lead is critical.  There's no question that the SEI is biting through the insulation but we've had guys over tighten and break the wire.  Not good.  The Kri-Tech is much more suited for a lighter touch.  Will the Kri-Tech bite through large gauge wire insulation?  It takes practice to feel the sweet spot on making sure you're set up correctly.

How to decide then?  Look at the wire you're attacking.  Is it thick, heavy duty wire or is it smaller gauge wire.  Would you hang the SEI on the smaller wire while you're doing your diagnostics?  Would the wire actually support the SEI if it were suspended?  Is the Kri-Tech big enough to grab the larger gauge wire and pierce the insulation?

You have a tough decision ahead and unfortunately it comes down to budget most of the time.  If you have SEI, pick up some Kri-Tech.  If you have neither, get enough of both to correctly do your job.  Hopefully in a few years, everyone will see the benefit of having both and knowing which to use at the best time.


US Made/Berry Compliant Pouch or Tool Roll is included with the Kit.