1st Line EOD Kit


1st Line EOD Kit

The NEW EOD-Gear - EOD 1st line tool kit is designed to assist EOD and bomb technicians. 


This kit offers over 20 pieces packed with the essential items needed for many applications.  

Included with this kit:

Gas Torch
General Metal Reamer
Mark-all All Surface Marker
Extendable 1 Inch Inspection Mirror - Compact enough to carry on Secret Service Details.
18mm Ceramic Snap Blade
Insulated Forceps 6" - Straight
Insulated Forceps 6" - Curved
Stainless Surgical Shears - Super strong to cut through clothes, wire, dowels, etc.
2X3 Inch Extendable Inspection Mirror 
Ceramic Scissors - These are the new stronger ceramic scissors.  
Split Pulley - Super easy to set up for a remote pull and strong enough to lift a package.

100 Foot Technora Line 400 pound strength

Titanium Stake with Loop - Hammer into brick mortar to get a high purchase for your breakaway pulley

Endless Loop - Berry Compliant and super strong.  Use as a modified Girth Hitch to help on remote pulls.

2 S-Biners - Size 5 and made of steel.

5 Inch Micro Cutters

4 Piece Probe Pick Set

Mini Pry Bar - Tacti-cool black and ready to bust or pry something open.
Epoxy - 2 part 60 Second Cure Rate
Combination Sharp Tip/Flat Tip Spudger - Can sharpen both ends to help get a hole into a package much quicker.
3 ESD Safe Tweezers - 3 Shapes and sizes to handle whatever is thrown at you.

1 Roll 1 Inch Gorilla Tape

1 Roll Electrical Tape