Master First Line EOD Tool Kit


Master First Line EOD Tool Kit


The Master First Line EOD Tool Kit gives you the advanced tools you need to ensure you can handle the procedures that you'll come across in the field. The kit is packed in a durable custom Berry Compliant Rip Away Pouch!

The Master First Line EOD Tool Kit includes the following:

  • First Line EOD Tool Kit
  • Mini Breakaway Pulley
  • Gerber MP600 DET EOD Multitool
  • Gerber Recon MII Flashlight
  • High Dexterity Gloves


First Line Kit Includes:

Non US MOLLE Pouch- Berry Compliant Available!
Screw Driver Set - 6 Pc
Gas Torch
General Metal Reamer
Markal All Surface Marker
Extendable 1 Inch Inspection Mirror - Compact enough to carry on Secret Service Details.
18mm Ceramic Snap Blade
Insulated Forceps 6" - Straight
Insulated Forceps 6" - Curved
Stainless Surgical Shears - Superstrong to cut through clothes, wire, dowels, etc.
2X3 Inch Extendable Inspection Mirror 
Ceramic Scissors - These are the new stronger ceramic scissors.  
Split Pulley - Super easy to set up for a remote pull and strong enought to lift a package.

Endless Loop - Berry Compliant and super strong.  Use as a modified Girth Hitch to help on remote pulls.

2 S-Biners - Size 5 and made of steel.

Mini Pry Bar - Tacti-cool black and ready to bust or pry something open.

Epoxy - 2 part 60 Second Cure Rate
Combination Sharp Tip/Flat Tip Spudger - Can sharpen both ends to help get a hole into a package much quicker.
3 ESD Safe Tweezers - 3 Shapes and sizes to handle whatever is thrown at you.

4 Piece Probe Pick Set

5 Inch Micro Cutters


Gerber Recon MII  SPECS:

  • Water resistant
  • Weight: under 4.75 oz
  • Length: under 5.75 inches
  • Body: rugged lightweight aircraft grade aluminum body with Type III hard anodize black coating
  • Output: exceeds 40 lumens for over 60 minutes
  • Integrated white, red, NVIS, covert (IR) filters
  • Lumen output exceeds 40 lumens for over 60 minutes; regulated circuitry for consistent output
  • Rugged lightweight aircraft grade aluminum body with Type III hard anodize black coating
  • Aggressive knurling on body, head and tail cap; easier to use while wearing gloves
  • Reversible MOLLE adaptable clip
  • Weather proof
  • Lanyard hole, to attach 550 para-cord
  • Made in USA



The High Dexterity Gloves are the most comfortable, best-fitting glove that I've worn.  As I've hit trainings and trade shows, I've had visitors try them on, some with some really screwed up looking fingers and they all agree that they are the most comfortable gloves they've worn.  Also, let's not forget that you can drive your tablet or smart phone while wearing the gloves.



The Mini Breakaway Pulley is one of our favorite pulleys and certainly the most cost-effective on the market.  The pulley is ideally suited when using 1.75mm Berry Compliant Technora though the 550 cord you have in your existing kit.  Just throw a not in front of your package and the not will lift the gate allowing the pulley to break open.  No add-ons are required.




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