357 Tactical Disrupter Kit


357 Tactical Disrupter Kit

This kit includes:

  • Barrel 
  • Breech cap 
  • Push Lock Breech Plug 
  • Shell Extractor (comes with the .357 disrupter shell extractor due to its smaller size but the PAN shell extractor 
  • Water Bottle (comes with the .357 disrupter water bottle due to its smaller size but the PAN water bottle 
  • Thread Protector
  • Tactical Disrupter Sleeve
  • Ultra Pod Stand
  • Tactical Green Laser
  • Seating Tool
  • Firing Pin Tool 
  • 7/16 Nut Driver 
  • Breech Spare Parts 
  • Shock Tube Parts 
  • Red and Black Plugs 
  • Plastic Breech Plug Protector 
  • 8ft Lanyard
  • Lanyard Anchor 
  • Lanyard Ring


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