Tactical Disrupter Kit


Tactical Disrupter Kit

The Tactical Disrupter Kit gives you the basics for your tactical disrupter needs.  

The kit includes the following:

  • Berry Compliant Tool Roll
  • Titanium 12 Inch Barrel
  • Breech Cap
  • Push Lock Breech Plug Assembled
  • Shell Extractor
  • Water Bottle
  • Thread Protector
  • Tactical Disrupter Sleeve
  • Ultra Pod Stand
  • Tactical Laser Adapter
  • Green Laser
  • Seating Tool
  • Firing Pin Tool

 The Tool Roll was created by EOD Gear specifically to hold the Garrett THD or one of the Tactical Disrupters with all of the tools needed to correctly operate as well as many of the numerous tools used by Techs.