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***These are currently unavailable from the manufacturer until at least Q4 2023***


The Buzz-mo® Galvo BCT-4

The BCT-4 Bridgewire Continuity Tester is precisely engineered to safely indicate a complete bridgewire circuit in commercial, electrically fired initiators, detonators, matches, and pyrotechnic devices manufactured following I.M.E guidelines*.

Galvanometer SPECS:

Manufactured in the USA
• The ORIGINAL and best haptic bridgewire continuity tester
– Strong vibration provides positive indication, even in direct sunlight and noisy environments
– No more squinting or hand-cupping to try to see an LED in bright sunlight

• Outstanding Safety factor
– Less than 60 µA (micro amps) maximum current draw is less than 1/800th the maximum allowable safe testing current of 50 mA, as established by MSHA
– Testing circuit protected by 50mA fuse

• Very easy to use
– Just touch the bare leadwire ends against the oversized contacts (avoid touching contacts with fingers during test; due to sensitivity, bare skin may cause a false positive)
– A vibration indicates an intact bridgewire circuit (does not indicate resistance)
– No vibration indicates an open bridgewire circuit

• Oversized stainless steel contacts
– The largest stainless steel contacts available on ANY model of tester
– Corrosion resistant stainless steel contacts are available blackened for tactical operations
– No fumbling, easy one handed operation

• Extremely sensitive – reads through thousands of ohms of resistance

• Operating temperature range 10° to 158° F (65° to 105° F optimal – do not allow to freeze or overheat)

• Rugged, sealed ABS case

– Available in Safety Orange with natural stainless contacts; and Yellow or Black, with blackened stainless contacts
– Dustproof; waterproof; and shockproof
– Drop-tested to over 5’

• Internal CR-2477 battery
– Life expectancy of approximately 50,000 1-second tests, or about 3-years under optimal conditions (can be factory replaced for a fee)

• Small and lightweight
– 1¼” W x 1¾” H x 1” L; less than 1 ounce (31.8 mm x 44.5 mm x 25.4 mm; less than 28 g)

• Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

*The Institute of Makers of Explosives (I.M.E.) recommends that the minimum ignition current of an electric detonator manufactured by its member companies be not less than 250 mA. The lowest ignition current documented by the U.S. Bureau of Mines was 173 mA (USBM Contract #H0210068).

It is your responsibility to verify that the device you are about to test complies with this standard before you begin!

Very small and lightweight, this Galvo will easily fit into any of your demo kits.