CBRN Canister for PAPR



CBRN Canister for PAPR

  • Provides respiratory protection against military warfare, civil unrest and CBRN threats
  • High-performance, custom-fit comfort in a variety of military- and riot-style masks
  • Attracts, regains and neutralizes contaminants
  • Flexible lens with a wider field of view for superior visibility
  • Easy on/off and adjustment
  • Choose from a variety of styles including total head protection


  • Each canister consists of a plastic body, impregnated activated carbon fill, mini-pleated/hot melt separated filter media, polyester top filter and urethane adhesives.
  • The filter media is composed of microglass with HEPA efficiency. The impregnated activated carbon is chromium free.
  • Style of canister thread attachment: RD 40 military style
  • Respirator Type: Millennium Gas Mask or Ultra Elite Demand
  • Compatible with Millennium CBRN Gas Mask
    • Size Small 10051286
    • Size Medium 10051287
    • Size Large 10051288
  • Compatible with Ultra Elite CBRN Gas Mask
    • Size Small, rubber Head Harness 10052776
    • Size Medium, rubber Head Harness 10052781
    • Size Large, rubber Head Harness 10052778
    • Size Small, SpeeD-On Head Harness 10052780
    • Size Medium, SpeeD-On Head Harness 10052779
    • Size Large, SpeeD-On Head Harness 10052777